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Read what some of our happy customers say about the Ez-Stairs Stair Building Kits.

"The stairs really came out well. Will only use your product from now on. Any chance of becoming a sales agent for this area of Ohio. Think this is a goldmine of a product and local retailers in the area would be interested in your product."

Bill Murray

"Built the stairs. What a breeze! Decided I had too many and had to make a small adjustment to the spacers. Soooooo much easier than cutting 2x12's! I'd recommend this system to anyone."

Larry Blakely
Blakely Enterprises
Independence, MO

"WOW! bought the product & built the stairs. Soooooooo easy and looks great! Thanks."

Jeff E.

"The number one reason we tear down existing decks for replacement is shaky, wobbly and unsafe stairs. That is why Deck and Basement Co., uses EZ Stairs, Inc® brackets on all of our decks. Over 500 decks built with the EZ Stairs® brackets, zero issues or callbacks. Why would anyone build stairs without them?"

Pat Noonan
Professional Deck Contractor &
President of MN NADRA Chapter
Richfield, MN

"I bought your EZ Stairs system and built my 8 step exterior deck stairs. They look great! I'm a 65 year old Grandma and have never built stairs before in my life. I did the whole stairs by myself without any help. My younger neighbor couple was so proud of me they gave me a party after completing the project."

Sue Eschen

"Four hours Later, I have wonderful new stairs that are up to code, and I did it myself!"

Kurt Keating


Why EZ Stairs? Speed, Simplicity & Cost Savings



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Benefits of the Ez Stairs Stair Building System

  • A code compliant stair building system (ICC-ESR 2295)* that allows you to build quality, engineered stairs for wood or composite: excellent for do-it-yourselfers and pros. Get prices.
    * Check with your local code official
  • HUGE TIME SAVINGS - Increases productivity: build stairs 4 times faster than traditional methods - compare methods.
  • HUGE $$$ SAVINGS - See exterior stairs comparison chart. Save $431.00-$500.00 per flight of interior/finished stairs chart vs traditional construction.
  • A new advancement in building stairs. An award winning, strong, easy to install stair system that promises to revolutionize the stair construction, stair parts and building materials industry. Build deck stairs (wood stairs or composite stairs), interior stairs, basement stairs or even concrete formwork stairs. Each bracket can also be used as a vertical rail post attachment. Now there's a simple solution on how to build stairs.
  • Build exterior deck stairs up to 7' wide or 9' wide interior stairs with only 2 stringers! Since the riser acts as a load bearing joist, you get an incredibly strong stair that doesn't squeak. 3D video demo Photo gallery
  • ICC-ES recognizes EZ Stairs innovative stair safety solution.
NADRA ICC Habitat For Humanity



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Easy as 1 2 3
Set the brackets on the two 2x6 stringer members using the spacers and pivot screws.
Remove spacers and rotate brackets to adjust stair height.
Fix brackets in position, attach risers and treads.