U.S. and International Patent Portfolio

EZ Stairs intellectual portfolio, which includes 7 U.S. patents that cover the extensive applications of EZ Stairs engineered stair system are currently available for purchase as a complete portfolio. This includes all patents, copyrights and trademarks which are up for acquisition. We are in discussions and entertaining offers for the entire portfolio. EZ Stairs has been a successful product, ICC approved, with an extensive customer base. All 7 U.S. patents are listed below with links to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Each of these U.S. patents list the numbers and brief description. For more information on the patent, please see the patent abstract and drawings contained in the original USPTO patent:

1.  U.S. 6,354,403
- Patent showing adjustable stair brackets used in conjunction with stacked parallel stair stringers. The brackets can be adjusted to achieve numerous combinations of rise heights and tread runs for a stair of varying heights and overall stair run. An adjustable rail system which adjusts with the stair is also claimed.
Read more at USPTO.

2.  U.S. 6,868,944 - Additional applications and claims of the adjustable brackets and spacers shown in 6,354,403. Additionally, claims are made for a variety of other brackets and spacer configurations including a system of concrete formwork for stairs. Read more at USPTO.

3.  U.S. 7,866,443 - Additional claims directed to the bracket shown in 6,344,03. A new method of producing concrete formwork for stairs is shown using the triangular shaped brackets. Read more at USPTO.

4.  U.S. 6,839,977 - Method and Apparatus to locate the pivot hole positions on parallel stacked stringers to facilitate the proper positioning and attachment of a variety of adjustable stair brackets. Read more at USPTO.

5.  U.S. 7,497,060 - Method of forming a finished fascia on a stair which utilizes only parallel stacked stringers to form the finished fascia. Read more at USPTO.

6.  U.S. 7,934,344 - This patent shows additional claims made to 7497060. Specifically, to the variation of mating profiles which can be formed on the adjoining edges of the parallel stacked stringers when closing the gap which occurs during the stringer adjustment. When the gap is closed a continuous fascia appearance to the stringer is formed. Read more at USPTO.

7.  U.S. 8,833,008 - Method and apparatus for attaching a rail support post to a stair stringer utilizing the adjustable stair bracket. The bracket may be used on a variety of different stringer types and is not limited for use on an adjustable stair. The bracket is capable of forming a structural connection to the post which exceed all testing criteria as set out by the ICC/ES to conform with the requirements of the IBC. Read more at USPTO.

For a copy of International Code Commission Report ESR-2295 on the EZ Stairs System that examines all current application approved by ICC for use of EZ Stairs brackets and spacers.  


For more information on the U.S./Canadian patent portfolio, ICC-ES Report 2295, Trademarks & Copyrights, in addition to information concerning sales & merchandising materials, manufacturing and questions regarding the EZ Stairs patent portfolio, please contact Gordon T Walker, President, EZ Stairs Inc.  gwalker@ez-stairs.com or call (949) 643-9261. At present we are entertaining offers on our entire patent portfolio as well as the previous items mentioned and additional EZ Stairs assets such as business plan, website, 800 number, shopping cart, and access to fulfillment tools including call center and warehousing.