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• Build stairs like a Pro with EZ Stair® ‘all weather’ brackets
• Strong & Easy to Install
• Cuts labor by over 50%
• Requires fewer saw cuts while saving lumber
• Recognized by the ICC-ES as a code compliant solution for stair rail post safety 

EZ Stairs Patent Portfolio is available for purchase. See more.

EZ Stairs® is a code compliant (ES-2295), adjustable, heavy-duty steel stair bracket system, which allows for automatic adjustments to form virtually any rise or run required. Stairs can span up to 7’ wide with only two stringers. No center stringers are needed because the riser is code approved as a load-bearing joist, providing steps of superior strength. In addition, skilled saw cuts that have been traditionally required are now drastically eliminated leaving only 3 to 4 cuts per stringer. See how it works in 3D animation.

The EZ Stair® brackets are recognized by professionals and do-it-yourselfers as an economical and efficient solution for stair rail post support for all wood stair construction in addition to the EZ Stair® method of construction. The EZ Stair® bracket is simple to install and has been engineered and designed specifically for stair construction and code compliant rail post support.

The EZ Stairs® brackets were subjected to rigorous lateral load accredited testing. The results that were achieved exceeded building code by over 50%! This has never been achieved on any wood stairs system before by a ‘stand alone’ steel bracket. EZ Stairs® Inc. is passionate about structural integrity and stair safety in relation to ‘all’ of our code compliant stair building applications.

EZ Stairs® applications include (but not limited to) ….deck stairs -redwood, cedar, treated etc.. composite, concrete formwork, as well as, interior & basement stairs, & tongue and groove. See interior animation

Build with EZ Stairs in 3 EZ Steps.