Open Rail Post Attachment

Watch EZ Stairs Video EZ Stairs is not only a two stringer stair system for risers and treads, but also functions as a vertical rail post attachment that exceeds current code by 2.5x.

Rail Post Attachment for Cut out stringers:

Deck builders have had an age old problem when it comes to attaching posts to deck platforms, let alone attaching posts to deck stairs. It’s a safety issue. There’s never been an easy or satisfactory solution for building rail post supports that are strong, and meet building code requirements too. Code regulations call for 200 lbs. of lateral load thrust support, but EZ Stairs will support 500 lbs.

Recent testing conducted by Testing Engineers Inc., San Leandro, CA, a well known national testing lab, has shown that EZ Stairs® adjustable stair brackets well exceed IBC lateral load specified code requirements with minimal deflection. This is a major advancement in the decking industry with outstanding performance in strength and minimal deflection per code requirements. The IBC lateral load rail support requirements are 200 lbs. per 36” (residential), 42” (commercial) and 500 lbs. (ultimate).

Open rail post stairsTraditional stair construction usually requires multiple cut 2x12’s be aligned and positioned at proper intervals serving as vertical support for various designated spans- with or without risers. For this traditional application (without risers), EZ Stairs® brackets can be used along with 2x6 cross blocking and positioned where rail post support is needed. Two 3/8”diameter (grade 5 steel, zinc or galvanized) bolts with a hex head are inserted through the 14 gauge steel EZ Stairs® bracket and the support post, then secured. (The bolt has a 3/8" washer on the inside against the bracket and is tightened from the outside with a 3/8"- 16 hex nut).




EZ Stairs post support application



The “construction industry” is entering a time of rapid change. A new environment has now been created where code enforcement is much more stringent and “product liability” issues are paramount and critical to survival in a world where lawsuits are common place.

Code compliance, safety and liability are essential elements for any building project.

Stair safety codes have changed significantly over the past several years. Child safety, ADA requirements and new materials have all contributed. EZ Stairs® Inc. decided to meet this growing challenge of code compliance and safety in the stair building arena. A decision was made to have the original EZ Stairs® bracket modified, re-engineered and tested to solve one of the serious safety issues of lateral load stair rail post support. It was a success!

Until recently, no system has ever complied with the code requirements for “rail post support” on wood stairs. Traditional built stairs using cut stringers or stair angles do not have the rigidity to hold the 200 lb. lateral load (applied to the post) as required by the code.

The EZ Stairs® “rail post support bracket” now exceeds all code requirements including commercial applications… industry first for wood stairs. Accidents due to rail failure are on the increase and exposure to unnecessary liability can now be avoided thanks to EZ Stairs®.

The EZ Stairs® brackets are simple to install and versatile.They may be used singularly at the rail post only to achieve support on cut stringers or in combination with stair angles. Stairs which are completely constructed using EZ Stairs® brackets are fast, easy and much stronger than conventional construction.

  • Simple and economical to install for new or retrofit.
  • Versatile for use with EZ Stairs®, conventional cut stringers and/or stair angle construction.
  • Exceeds all code requirements up to "commercial grade construction".
  • Eliminates "liability issues" due to non code compliant rail post supports.

ICC-ES recognizes EZ Stairs innovative stair safety solution.

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