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Building Stairs with EZ Stairs

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How to build interior stairs with EZ Stairs-
How Tongue and Groove stringers work:

  • The Stringers are milled for finished interior stairs. Illustration of interior stringer assembly
  • The purpose of the Tongue and Grove is to eliminate the gap normally seen between the stringers and to form one solid finished stringer in either a paint grade finish or a stain grade finish.
  • The stringer will now act as either a finished skirt board or a decorative finished knee wall stringer or both in the case of a stair built against a wall. Carpeted or Stain Grade Treads and Risers may be added.
  • Finished stain grade Treads and Risers may be attached directly to the brackets, instantly forming a finished stain grade stair and eliminating 80% + of the trim work normally required.
  • Additionally, Treads and Risers may be pre finished, adding another level of significant savings.
  • The method is simple......Stringers are assembled in the same manner as for any EZ-Stairs stringer.
  • Once the brackets are adjusted for the desired rise and run, the fixing screws are set into the bottom stringer only, locking in the rise and run.
  • The top pivot screws are then removed from each bracket, freeing the top stringer. This allows the two stringers to then, be pushed together, engaging the Tongue and Grove.
  • The remaining screws are then set into the top stringer, forming one solid, perfectly aligned stringer from the two halves.
  • Note- Tongue & Groove stairs can be carpeted or not

    Ideal for New pre-built or on-site 'drop-in' basement stairs!         

Build Interior Stairs with EZ Stairs

Download the PDF of our tongue and groove interior stairs brochure
Download the PDF of our assembly procedure for interior stairs