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Each retail box contains 2 ACQ brackets and 1 spacer which will make 1 stair / tread / step. Also pictured above: mini composite support brackets. These can be attached to 2 x 4 cleats and positioned every 16" to 20" depending upon composite thickness. This allows for composite spans up to 7' wide with only 2 stringers and 2 footings! A Contractor / trade box of brackets is also available and includes 16 brackets and 8 reuseable spacers (packaged separately).

EZ Stairs Patent Portfolio is available for purchase. See more.



      Each contractor / trade box includes 16 brackets and 8 reuseable spacers (packaged separately). ACQ now available.



Single retail kit builds 1 stair.


Each spacer pack includes 8 reuseable spacers.


Composite Compatible Stair Building Solution. Composite Cleat Accessory. The brackets are nailed or screwed on to 2x4 cleats for composite tread support. These cleats are then positioned every 16"-20"(inches)apart for tread support. The spacing of the cleats depends on thickness of composite being used. For instance, 1 1/4" composite requires a cleat every 16" and 1 1/2" composite will require a cleat every 20". This 'new' EZ-Stairs solution for composite compatibility is getting high marks from professional deck builders in the US and Canada. With these new cleat brackets attached to 2x4 blocking, composite deck stairs can be built up to 7' wide with only 2 outside stringers! Normal composite construction, at just 4' feet wide, would require at least 4 saw tooth cut stringers. Compare this to the new EZ-Stairs solution of only 2 outside stringers and a maximum of only 6-8 cuts for both stringers.


              Stainless Steel Bracket Kit- Model EZ-RPSS06 : optimal solution for salt water climates/ coastal regions. Builds builds 1 stair. Also available in Contractor Pack (8 bracket sets builds 8 stairs) Model EZ-CBSS07.


Stainless Steel Bracket


Headline: Now you can build stairs at warp speed.          

                                                            Each contractor /trade box includes 16 brackets and 8 reuseable  spacers (packaged separately).

                  Single kit retail display. Each kit builds 1 stair.


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