Concrete Formwork

How do I build formwork?

The stringers for formwork are the same way as for normal interior and exterior stairs, however, the brackets are rotated in the OPPOSITE direction, placing them on the outside of the forms. This process will produce adjustable, REUSABLE concrete stair formwork stringers. For this purpose, the two pivot screws are used on each bracket for adjustment and then only one fixing screw after adjustment. The riser forms are attached to the brackets. The form is placed into position and secured. Center bracing is attached to the risers as necessary, the gap between the two stringer members is sealed from the inside of the forms, using 4" duct tape. The stringer size is determined by the depth of the pour and the surrounds. The top stringer may be as small as 2 X 4 lumber and the bottom stringer up to 2 X 12 lumbar. Plywood sheet may also be used as the bottom stringer cut to any desired shape.

Can I reuse the brackets and formwork?

Once the stair has been poured and the concrete set, the forms and brackets are removed and may be reused to build future stairs.