Basics- How To Build Stairs

How to build stairs with an easy to use adjustable bracket stair system:

EZ Stairs is an adjustable 2 stringer stair building system that greatly simplifies stair building for deck, interior, basement and concrete stairs. This patented new method of stair construction allows for customized framing and fast installation of stairs up to 9’ wide interior (7’ exterior) with only two stringers and 3 saw cuts per stringer. No center stringer is needed because the riser acts as a load bearing joist = huge time savings in labor and cost. Adjustable brackets are a solution for lateral rail post support as well, exceeding all code requirements. Manufactured with 14 gauge hot-dipped galvanized and epoxy powder coated steel. Suitable for ACQ. EZ Stairs® is also available in stainless steel for wet climates. SEE 3D VIDEO DEMOS.

Here’s how building with two stringers greatly speeds up the entire stair building process: Two stringers mean, you’ll never need center ones --saving time, costly 2x12 material cost and eliminating multiple saw cuts traditionally required. This also is a major time savor when it comes to exterior deck steps which in most cases require additional cement ‘footings’ for each stringer. If you are able to purchase your risers and treads pre-cut to the measurements the stair calculator provides (which is easy to do at your local lumber supplier)---you will never need more than 3-4 saw cuts per stringer for any number of steps needed. Dramatically reduce multiple saw cuts by up to 90%, and you greatly reduce the potential of miscuts and expensive material waste

The basic concept behind EZ Stairs- building stairs in 3 EZ steps:

1. Set the brackets on the two 2x6 stringer members using the spaces and pivot screws.

2. Remove spacers and rotate brackets to adjust stair height.

3. Fix brackets in position, attach risers and treads.  SEE 3D VIDEO DEMOS.

Tools/Materials needed will be: a power drill, saw (skill saw is preferable, but not required,#8 1 1/4" Phillips flat head or star/square drive screws for the stair brackets, #8 2 1/2" deck screws for every 9" of tread and riser connection and EZ Stair Spacers for customized riser and tread measurements.

* Interior or exterior stairs can be framed out and installed in most cases 2-3 hours or less!
* Minimal skill is required and due to the fact that with EZ Stairs saw-cuts are drastically reduced.....material is seldom wasted.
* Spacers are adjustable to allow for customized rise and tread configurations. Spacers are factory set at 'G'... which accomplishes most tread and rise requirements.

Build superior quality professional interior or exterior stairs with EZ Stairs.