Increase your productivity a minimum of 50%. Wide spans can be built up to 4 times faster than traditional methods. Our comparison tests have shown that it's possible to increase your productivity up to 50% with EZ Stairs. Do the work in half the time!

Traditional Stair Building

EZ Stairs

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Traditional stairs require laying out and cutting multiple stringers (one stringer for every 18-24" of stair width) and then attaching and aligning the stringers.

Once the stringers are installed, the risers and treads can be attached. The treads must be glued to prevent squeaking.

This method of construction requires one of the highest skill levels in the building industry. If you make a mistake or slight miscalculation, then you have to throw out the wood and build the stringers again from scratch.

Compared to traditional stair building, the EZ Stair System greatly simplifies the art of stair building.

Simply put, "the brackets do the work". The brackets are attached to the stringers and then simultaneously adjusted to form the stair.The brackets are then fixed in position and the stringer ends are cut. Only two stringers are required for the stairs- up to 9' wide.The risers and treads are attached and the stair is finished.

The EZ Stair system eliminates most of the layout and cutting in the traditional method, and doesn't require the same high level of skill associated with conventional stair building. If you make a mistake, simply readjust the brackets.

Compare EZ Stairs to Conventional Construction

Deck stairs are in most cases unpredictable because they are required to either end at an uneven grade line, landing or another deck level. This, in most cases, eliminates the use of pre-cut stringers, and you are left with two main alternatives: multiple custom cut stringers to form a stair, or the EZ Stair construction. Both methods produce custom stairs appropriate for wood, composite, and vinyl. EZ Stairs is also appropriate for steel, aluminum and concrete stairs. For comparison, consider a stair 48" wide and 7 risers high.

EZ Stairs is faster, stronger and more cost efficient. The patented self adjusting brackets make the stair building process easy. The brackets are approved as joist hangers, allowing the risers to carry the load across the stair. This eliminates the need of center stringers for stairs up to 7' wide in stair construction.