Interior- Tongue and Groove

How Tongue and Groove stringers work:

  • The Stringers are milled for finished interior stairs. Illustration of interior stringer assembly
  • The purpose of the Tongue and Grove is to eliminate the gap normally seen between the stringers and to form one solid finished stringer in either a paint grade finish or a stain grade finish.
  • The stringer will now act as either a finished skirt board or a decorative finished knee wall stringer or both in the case of a stair built against a wall. Carpeted or Stain Grade Treads and Risers may be added.
  • Finished stain grade Treads and Risers may be attached directly to the brackets, instantly forming a finished stain grade stair and eliminating 80% + of the trim work normally required.
  • Additionally, Treads and Risers may be pre finished, adding another level of significant savings.
  • The method is simple......Stringers are assembled in the same manner as for any EZ-Stairs stringer.
  • Once the brackets are adjusted for the desired rise and run, the fixing screws are set into the bottom stringer only, locking in the rise and run.
  • The top pivot screws are then removed from each bracket, freeing the top stringer. This allows the two stringers to then, be pushed together, engaging the Tongue and Grove.
  • The remaining screws are then set into the top stringer, forming one solid, perfectly aligned stringer from the two halves.
  • Note- Tongue & Groove stairs can be carpeted or not carpeted.

EZ Stairs brackets are the perfect 'hidden system' for both interior and exterior stair construction. Innovation so advanced, yet so simple. The EZ Stairs adjustable system not only drastically reduces a large share of saw-cuts, but virtually eliminates most of the calculations traditionally required. The final product is beautiful and sqeak free- installed in half the time compared to traditional methods.