Free EZ Stair Calculator

Free EZ Stair Calculator ™ is now available online at EZ-Stairs.Com and offers a comprehensive approach to building stairs from stair project inception through project completion.

Laguna Hills, CA. – October 14, 2008, – EZ Stairs®, a revolutionary advancement in stair building technology and construction, unveiled its new free EZ Stair Calculator ™ available to the construction marketplace. The EZ Stair Calculator ™ is being made available with the goal of simplifying a normally difficult process, in addition to eliminating mistakes. The entire process one goes through in using this new industry tool is quick and seamless, thereby eliminating frequent mistakes experienced in building stairs. The result is faster construction, and eliminating unknowns such as material delays and excess costs due to streamline construction process afforded through the system.

This is an interactive and intuitive program designed to answer virtually every question a stair builder might have. The program takes the builder, in a user friendly manner, through the process step by step (five steps total) and provides a print out option showing the finished stringer with cut dimensions and a materials list. This new, ‘Free’ calculating tool allows Professionals and Do-It-Yourselfers to get up and running on their stair projects faster than ever before. At conclusion, in the final step five, users are provided a print out option that shows a side view of the stringer, the stringer end details and cut dimensions, in addition to a full materials list for the entire project.

For the Decking Industry’s use of the EZ Stair Calculator ™, full calculations are made for either wood or composite stairs, including a variation on treads utilized and suggested manufacturers to use in the construction process. Go to to access the EZ Stair Calculator TM and the analysis and specifics given for each of your stair building projects.

The award winning EZ Stair® System features patented, adjustable parallel brackets that allow skilled carpenters as well as the do-it-yourselfer, to build stairs of superior strength and structural integrity up to four times faster than conventional methods. Build stairs: deck stairs, interior stairs (basement stairs and tongue & groove), as well as concrete formwork. This adjustable two stringer stair building system is of particular value in the Decking Industry due to substantially lower costs that result in builders using this efficient, streamlined technique as part of their basic design.

EZ Stairs® has been ICC-ES approved for both residential and commercial construction. The full report is available at the EZ Stairs® website and can viewed online at For more information, please call 866-693-9570.

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