Exterior Stairs Application

Deck Steps, Porches, concrete formwork- anywhere steps are required outdoors.


Common material used:
Redwood, Cedar, Doug Fir, Pine, Treated Wood, Composite & Vinyl.

Stringers should be 2x6 members for up to 6’ width, 2x8 members should be used for wider than 7’. All materials must be number 2 construction grade or better.

Risers should be 2x8 members.

Treads should be 2x12 members or 2x6 tread material can be used with EZ Stairs mini-support cleat 2x4 blocking positioned every 12” to 16” depending upon thickness of 2x6 tread material being used (wood and/or composite).


The appropriate screws* for exterior applications are as follows:

  • 1¼" #8 Phillips flathead screws-to secure riser & treads to EZ Stairs bracket.
  • 2½" #8 Deck screws-2 per tread for each 9” of stair width.

For top screwing of treads only: 2" #12 sheet metal screws-6 per tread.

*Important Note: When using pressure treated lumber, all screws should be properly coated and labeled to be suitable for use with ACQ Treated Wood.*

Quick Time Saving Assembly tip:

Determine before you start your stair project exactly how many steps you need and how wide you want your steps to span. Pre-cut all risers and treads to those desired measurements. The only cuts that will need to be made will be the end cuts on both stringers… 6-8 cuts will be all that’s required for both customized stringers!

Also, pre-paint/stain/stringers, treads and risers before you begin. Only minor touch-ups will be required.