Interior Stairs Application


Common material used:
Southern Pine, Oak, Plywood, Doug Fir etc.

Stringers should be 2x6 members for up to 6’ width, 2x8 members should be used for wider than 7’. All materials must be number 2 construction grade or better.

Risers can be 2x8 members or 1 1/8” plywood for up to 6’wide. 1” to ¾” material can be used for 42” or less width.

Treads can be 2x12 members and /or 1 1/8” plywood for up to 6’ wide, ¾” material can be used for 42” or less width.


The appropriate screws for interior applications are as follows:

  • 1¼" #8 Phillips flathead screws-to secure riser & treads to EZ Stairs bracket.
  • 2½" #8 screws-2 per tread for each 9” of stair width.

For top screwing of treads only: 2" #12 sheet metal screws-6 per tread

Quick Time Saving Assembly tip:

Determine before you start your stair project exactly how many steps you need and how wide you want your steps to span. Pre-cut all risers and treads to those desired measurements. The only cuts that will need to be made will be the end cuts on both stringers… 6-8 cuts will be all that’s required for both customized stringers!

Also, pre-paint/stringers, treads and risers before you begin. Only minor touch-ups will be required.