Stair Building Kit - Exterior & Interior STAIRS

One step kit - INCLUDES ADJUSTABLE BRACKETS AND SPACERS FOR 1 EXTERIOR or INTERIOR STEP. *Code approved for exterior and interior applications as well.

* Build deck (wood or composite), interior or concrete stairs.

* Huge time and money savings.

* 1 right & 1 left stair bracket with spacer included.

* Simple to use, fast. strong, adjustable. Award winning, ICC approved.

* Great for do-it-yourselfers or pros.

* Make deck stairs up to 7 feet wide with only 2 stringers (interior stairs make up to 9 feet wide).

Types of stairs you can build: deck (wood or composite), interior, concrete, vinyl. or steel. Comes with English and Spanish instructions, as well as step by step DVD instructions. These adjustable stair brackets are 14 gauge, hot dipped galvanized, phosphate treated and epoxy powder coated for ACQ compatibility. Not included: wood and screws. Shipping: Can ship anywhere. If ordering more than 7 stair kits, save money with Contractor Pack/ Spacers.




$12.95 each

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Not sure of what to order?

1 step: 1 single kit
2 steps: 2 single kits
3 steps: 3 single kits
4 steps: 4 single kits
5 steps: 5 single kits
6 steps: 6 single kits
7 steps: 7 single kits
8 steps: 1 contractor pk plus reusable spacers
9 steps: 1 contractor pk plus reusable spacers plus 1 single kit
10 steps: 1 contractor pk plus reusable spacers plus 2 single kits
11 steps: 1 contractor pk plus resusable spacers plus 3 single kits

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